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About Us is a knowledge-powered poker affiliate project that stands out from the rest of the bunch. It is a no bullshit site where facts and hard data are in focus. All material has been chosen and structured with great care in order to reach all the way through to the visitors it has been written for. Hungry and thirsty poker players arriving here will have their fill and more. The appetite is the only limit. The poker room info is juicy, the poker strategy is substantial, the promoted websites are hot, the bonus codes are smoking hot while the sobriety in it all is soothingly chilling. A perfect balance for an aspiring poker player.

We are a team of poker veterans with a passion and a knack for sharing information. We have been into online poker since it started back in the late 90s and we possess all the know how required to help you reach your poker goals; whether you are looking to improve your game; find the poker room that suits you best; get your hands on the best bonus codes or a mix of all three. Welcome to our high speed route to the very top of the game.

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